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    I highly recommend this practice, specifically Dr. Ali Moshirfar to anyone who is suffering from pain and looking for a doctor with a conservative approach. I was experiencing debilitating back pain and because I have an HMO the wait to see an orthopedic specialist was three weeks out. When the pain became unbearable I made a same day appointment with Dr. Moshirfar (thanks to their phenomenal office manager, Robin!) knowing I would have to pay out of pocket due to my insurance. While waiting for the MRI images, Dr. Moshirfar explained possible treatment options to me. Once he was able to review the MRI and it was clear I needed surgery, he immediately called the Orthopedic doctor at Kaiser and they accelerated my appointment to the following day. A week later I had surgery with Kaiser. If not for Dr. Moshirfar taking the time to go above and beyond by calling Kaiser etc. I would have still been waiting to be seen. Dr. Moshirfar really cares about his patients and I always recommend any of my friends, family or co-workers who are experiencing pain see him for an evaluation.