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Jnl Mcdermott

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    The full of office experience was wonderful. I felt completely safe with their COVIC-19 safety setup. The front office staff were very friendly and helpful. The app they have for seeing results, appointments and the ability to communicate any questions is great. April in scheduling was responsive, efficient and coordinated all insurance and hospital staff details. Most importantly Dr. Mark Shasti spent a lot of time during appointments allowing us to ask questions and was thorough in communicating all options and aspects of the procedure that was to take place. I have also appreciated his follow up after surgery. He even provide me with his mobile number in case I had any post surgery questions. Dr. Ali Moshifar also assisted in the surgery, which gave me even greater confidence. Both surgeons, at different times, stopped by my hospital room after the surgery to check in on me. Would highly recommend the Orthopaedic & Spine Surgery Institute and their entire team.